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Viktor Lowenfeld's Developmental Stages

Hey everyone! Today I decided to get a better understanding of Viktor Lowenfeld's Developmental Stages by creating a diagram of these stages using my own childhood artwork as reference. With the help of Rachel Branham's book, "What's So Great About Art, Anyway?", I was able to match my artwork to what stages were described and see how each stage was valuable to my creativity. I hope this diagram helps other fellow art educators out there and inspire you to make your own! I also would like to give a HUGE shout out to my mom for saving every single piece of work I have ever made. Couldn't have done it with out ya!

Here is the link to Rachel Branham's book if anyone is interested, it is a great read for students in the art education field or for beginner educators!

#arteducation #viktorlowenfeld #developmentalstages #rachelbranham

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