• Kim Krivensky

Painting on Photoshop Practice

Today I decided to dust off my tablet and practice painting in Photoshop. I took a reference photo of an apple from google (left) and decided to paint it using the tools in Photoshop. I started off by using the eyedropper tool on the apple that I got from google to create my color palette. From there I used the pencil tool to sketch out the shape of the apple. I then used the paintbrush tool and the mixer brush tool to blend the colors together to achieve a more realistic look. I am pretty happy with the finished outcome, I may go back and spend a little more time working on it but for the time that I had I am pleased with how it looks. This seems like a fun and easy introduction assignment for High School students wanting to learn how to paint in Photoshop. You can differentiate the lesson by having students pick whatever fruit they would like to paint.

#paintingonthecomputer #photoshop

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