• Kim Krivensky

Happy Birthday!

My sisters birthday was in April and I needed to get her birthday present but all her favorite stores to shop at were closed due to Covid-19. Everything I looked at online said it would not come in until after her birthday so that was not an option either. Luckily I found this cute wooden board and came up with the idea to paint her something instead! My sister recently adopted her Golden Retriever and has been house hunting, so I figured why not create something she can hang up in her future home. I used oil paint because it is my favorite medium when painting portraits. I had about a week and half before her birthday so I decided to add liquin to my paints to help speed up the dry time. The liquin helps dry the oil paint in a couple of days opposed to waiting a week without it. Safe to say she loved it and her dog did too!

#oilpaint #liquin

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