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Create Your Own Merchandise!

Creating art is fun but there is just something that is even more fun and that is seeing your art printed on something else! Here I have two different artworks, one is a design I made in Photoshop and the other is a watercolor painting. I used to showcase my artwork in a bunch of different art shows in Connecticut and wanted to be able to sell my art in a more affordable way. I started researching websites where I could order my art on items like notebooks, bags, bookmarks, etc. and then order them in bulk to bring to shows. I love the idea of being able to give my future students the excitement of seeing their own artwork on something other than a canvas.

Now it would be very expensive to give all my future students this opportunity but I have different ideas on how I can achieve this. One way for all the students to see their artwork on something else would be printmaking. I remember doing a lesson like this in high school where I created a design and had it printed on a scarf. I could also hold a design competition where the students need to create a fun and interesting design for a notebook or drawstring bag that could then be sold at to all students. I can even vary it too and have two or three designs that get made. This would also be a great opportunity for students to build up their portfolios and future resumes.

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