• Kim Krivensky

Art in Animal Crossing!

My friend recently sent me this article about how the MET is celebrating 150 years of collecting and displaying art in their museum. They are now allowing you to display these artworks via virtual museums in Animal Crossing! The Met's entire collection of more than 406,000 images are open to access to transport into your game. With the release of the game at the end of March and the beginning of quarantine, it has been a fun game for many people to play during this time. Some of your students may have the game and be interested in displaying famous artworks in their villagers home. You can definitely add this as an alternate assignment where the students need to do research about the artwork and write a report on it. This could also be a fun way to give out some extra credit points for anyone who has the game and downloads some of the artwork!

Check out the link below!

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