• Kim Krivensky

A Fun Way To Learn Colors!

A couple months ago I was thrift shopping and came across this awesome game about memorizing colors! The object of the game is to fill your artist's palette with the color chips by correctly remembering and matching color chips to the color wheels. To play you draw a color chip out from the bag, turn the timer over and observe the color chip until time runs out. You place it face down and sort through the color wheels to find the color you think matches yours. If the color is a match you then slide the color chip into one of the open slots on your palette. First one to completely fill their palette wins!

This game is a great way to learn about the color wheel, primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, complimentary colors, hues, tints, shades, tones, values, and intensity. This would be a great way to engage your students into learning about color but also having fun while doing it! It is a great game for elementary, middle, and high school ages. Only downfall is that the game comes with only four palettes so if you plan on using this game for the whole class you might want to create your own or opt out of using it.



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