Art For Kids Hub is a family that make art together and love to share it with the world. They create a bunch of different lessons for kids from drawing to painting to even making origami! You can watch their videos on YouTube under Art For Kids Hub or on their website. Their videos are great for sub plans or short fillers in between lessons.

The Museum of Modern Art in New York offers workshops, resources, and teaching methods to K-12 educators. This is a great opportunity to connect with other educators in the same field and gives you the tools to help guide your students to think critically about art. K-12 educators also receive a discount on all classes!

Dia Beacon is a contemporary art museum in New York that offers guided school tours for grades K-12, free monthly workshops for families, and even offer internships for young people ages 18-25. This is a great museum to take your students to learn more about and appreciate contemporary art. They have a section on their website called watch and listen where you can watch or hear any conversations about artists and artworks that are featured in their Museum.

The Art of Education University is an online resource for art teachers. They offer courses, degrees, and a variety of learning opportunities for teachers. They provide free access to thousands of articles, journals, magazines, and much more!

Cassie Stephens is an art teacher from Tennessee who creates videos for YouTube. Her videos range from art projects to art history to tips on teaching art to students. She is super fun, outgoing, and creative. The way she interacts with her students is inspiring and fun to watch. It is never a dull day in her classroom! offers a wide variety of lesson plans for all subjects. In art they offer many lessons that are connected to core subjects like math, science, language arts, and social studies. This is a great resource for finding lessons to use or build off of. All lesson plans are created by real teachers all over the United States.

The Arty Teacher is a High School teacher who has been teaching for 20 years. She creates new resources every week for art teachers. Her site has everything a teacher could ever ask for! She offers lesson plans (including sub plans), ted talks, an image library, resources for STEAM, and so much more.

Art Ed Radio is a podcast that talks about the most important topics in Art Education. You can listen to their podcast anywhere and at any time. Find them on any podcast device like Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Dick Blick is an art supply store that provides resources for teachers. They offer free lessons, art room aid, school discounts, and supply lists. They are located in Plainville, Connecticut.

Learning Disabilities Association of America offers resources for educators. From assessment and evaluation resources to resources on specific learning disabilities and how to accommodate students with them in the classroom..